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            StorageCrypt v4.1.0                                                      

Drive encryption software. Encrypt and password protect usb drive, external hard drive, flash drive. It's easy to use for anyone with minimum computer skills.

Do you have lot of movies, audios, documents on usb drive and care about someone accesses your data by stealth? StorageCrypt is the solution of usb encryption. StorageCrypt allows you to encrypt and password protect removable drives, including USB drive, eSATA drive, firewire drive, flash cards, PCMCIA drive and more. It uses 128 bit AES encryption for maximum security. User password length up to 50 characters. Fully portable use, you may take it to anywhere on the fly without the software installed on each machine.

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   Company and Organization

United States
The University of Montana   Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission   Domain Consultants Group
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.   Starwood Vacation Ownership   Torrent Technologies
Lexis Nexis Applied Discovery   LSU Health Sciences Center   Saybrook Graduate School
Maynards Electric Supply Inc.   Athens Development, Inc   Electronic Combat Specialists
Worldwide Logistics Associates   American Appraisal Associates   RTech Healthcare
NetStar Systems International, Inc.   Oak Ridge National Laboratory   Charis Publishing
Thayer Aerospace   Isom's Tax & Investment Service, Inc.   Orient Financial Corporation
Yockel Consulting, Inc   Veritas DGC Land   Intel
Baroco Corp   Paladin Consulting   cooper/t. smith
Aurora Casket   Douglas L. Williams, P.A.   Grain Millers, Inc
United Kingdom
SIEMENS   Mosaic Software   ICT Education Solutions
DiamondCluster Internation   Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech   Strathan Media Productions Limited
Jazztech Solutions Ltd   J W S Management Ltd   Peak Electronic Design Ltd
Inforensix Ltd
University of Regensburg   ATS Consulting   Pervasive Software
BHB Fashion Service GmbH   Christoph Brandt Consulting GmbH   TK Uebersetzungen
ALP Microsystems   FLETCHER REPSTOCK   Samson Belair / Deloitte & Touche
Standard Radio Inc. Xpress Automotive supplies limited Peterson & Associates
Channel Seven Brisbane   Communication Network Holdings   Mattian computer services
Mittoni Pty Ltd   R.M. Williams Pty Ltd    
Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia   CI Partners Srl   OKRIM servizi d'informatica
TOWER SPA        
Helvetech GmbH Xstrata Schweiz AG
Geophysical Institute of Israel NITZAN GERTZ -Photographer
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore Wei Long Electronics Engineering Pte Ltd
New Zealand
Mainbrace Management Ltd CB Consultants
O'Neal Steel   Producciones Infovision    
Nokia (Egypt)   Hogeschool Gent (Belgium)   DBS Business Solutions (Netherlands)
Irish Drilling Limited (Ireland)    Cemex(Indonesia)   Hassouneh & Co. Sarl (Lebanon)
Sharda Paper Products Pvt. Ltd (India)   idia-sa (France)   Schlumberger (United Arab Emirates)

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Password protect usb drive, password protect flash drive and pen drive.
Password protect jump drive, password protect HDD.
Secure usb drive, secure external drive, encrypt external hard drive.
Secure potable drive, secure flash drive, encrypt flash drive.
Usb drive encryption, external drive encryption, encrypt usb drive.
Portable drive encryption, Jumpdrive encryption, flash drive encryption.
Password protect drive, encrypt drive.




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